King Charles Cavaliers and Olde English Bulldogges


Here at windsorsprings we take great pride in raising top quality King Charles Cavaliers and OldeEnglish Bulldogges

puppies for the show ring and the home.



Here at WindsorSprings we take great pride in our dogs and the puppies that we raise. Our dogs are all raised in indoor and outdoor kennels with heat and AC, and all pups are raised with children and socialized very well before they leave here. They also have their first shots and are wormed twice. Our dogs are fed a high quality kibble, supplemented with vitamin mineral powder or tablets. We do not “bulk up our dogs” just to say they weigh more. In my opinion, if they are at their normal weight, they will live longer and healthier, just like a normal, active person is usually healthier than an overweight person. So I do not feed extra meat or canned food just to make them eat more. People often ask why our dogs cost less, and think that they are not as good as other dogs of the breed. I breed these dogs as a hobby and do not make a living off of them. I sell them less expensively so that they are all sold by the time they are 7 weeks old. We have been breeding and showing English Mastiffs for 18 years and have been breeding Olde English Bulldogges for the past 7 years. Here at Windsorsprings we usually keep our own females and then buy a top quality male pup to introduce into our lines. When asked what line we have I always say we have a mix. Some of the “famous” names that you will see in our dogs pedigrees include Lazy D,Gropetti,Lionsire, IronHills, Caledonia, Greiner Hall, and Tamarac. Several of our puppies that we have produced have gone to be champions, therapy, and working dogs. When you call and ask what size are our dogs we will always say that a honest dry kibble weight on a male should be 200lbs. and females should be 160lbs. You will often find breeders pump up their dogs or give a sales pitch and say they weigh more then they really do, but you will find that we just tell things as they are. Our Olde English Bulldogges are a great breed like the mastiffs just a smaller version. Our bulldogs are healthy and very athletic. You will see Olde English Bulldogges come in many shapes and sizes and when you view our bulldog breeders you will see what I am referring to. Our first bulldogges were London who you will see on our site and a male call Brutus. Just like our mastiffs we usually keep females that we have bred and buy a unrelated stud. Our currents studs are Baron and Chase and they are available for stud service to approved females. The lines that you will find in our Olde English Bulldogge puppies for sale will include Joyful Acres, Sullivans, Outlaw Bulldogges and Nunley Ranch. The 1 trait that you will find in all puppies for sale here at Windsorsprings is that they all are very well socialized. You can view each page for more information on certain dogs.

We always get asked from customers about coming and seeing the puppies before they get their vacinations and we always have to say no we do not allow this. In our opinion based on our 18 plus years experience breeding dogs that any breeder who allows prospective buyers to view the puppies before they get their vaccinations between 6-8 weeks of age does not value the welfare of the puppies or their mother. You need to understand that before the puppies receive their first shots their only immunity that they have against diseases is what they got from their mother’s milk and the colostrum. We try to explain to people the puppies are like a new born baby and normally you do not just let strangers handle a new born baby. That is why most reputable breeders do things like this. We take the safety and security of the puppies very seriously and would have to have the puppies get sick and not be able to let them leave here when they are 8 weeks old. So how do we handle who get which puppy? We start by taking 200.00 deposits and forming a waiting list. Normally we have a pet price and a show price. Pet puppies are sold without the papers and the show puppies are sold with the papers. People who do not want to breed or show a puppy do not need the papers. So the people who have deposits here first get to choose first however the people who are getting the show puppies get to choose first before the pet puppies. ” that is only fare since they are paying more” We also get asked why do you only require a $200.00 deposit when most breeders want more? Well my answer is I do not like to hold your money till you get your puppy. As for the deposits they are non refundable unless you would come here and not like any of the puppies, but in 18 years that has never happened. You will also find that there is usually not much size difference between the largest and smallest puppy in a litter that is raised here. On a average there might be a 1-2lb difference and I contribute that to how we feed the puppies the last 2 weeks they are here. Our puppies get dry kibble only , that way I know they will eat what ever they are offered at their new homes. Some breeder choose to keep offering them the soft ” puppy” food and the puppies could easily have a few more pounds on them but I prefer to have the puppies be at their normal healthy weight.