Windsor Springs English Mastiff Breeders


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This is the English Mastiffs of the past.

Please note as off the end of August 2015 we will no longer be breeding the mastiffs do to a health issue in the family. We are sorry but this was a hard decision we had to make.

English mastiffs should have a average shoulder height of 27-34 inches at the shoulder and should weight150-200lbs. Mastiffs have a short coat that come in three colors- fawn, apricot and brindle with all 3 having a black mask and ears. A quality mastiff will be good with children and they get along well with other dogs and pets if socialized properly. As for the character of the mastiffs you should experience a confident and gentle natured pet and are usually not know to be large barkers. They will defend their territory and protect the family when needed. Mastiffs will drool and the amount depends on the amount of ” lippy ” material the dog has. As for grooming the mastiff coat requires attention but they do need a soft place to lay down to help with calluses. As far as health issues with the breed they experience hip and elbow
associated with large breeds.

As far as our English mastiffs here at windsorsprings I always say the average female should be 160 and the average male should be 200. That is a dog being fed dry kibble only. We do not feed canned food or mix canned food or meat with dry kibble, we could easily put 30 lbs or more on each dog if we did so but I feel that the longevity of my dogs is more important and prefer them to be at their normal healthy weight. We currently feed our dogs Verus- its a holistic all natural dog food. We have provided some pictures below of some of our dogs past and present.